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Orange Daiquiri

The Orange Daiquiri a delightful fruity twist on the classic Daiquiri cocktail. This rum based cocktail features the sweet and tangy flavours of orange juice with a touch of lime. It’s the perfect drink to sip on a hot summer day or to add a bright burst of flavour to your happy hour. Read on to learn how to make this cocktail with our Oud Amsterdam Orange Liqueur.


Ingredients for 2 servings

  • 20 ml Orange Liqueur
  • 100 ml White rum
  • 15 ml Sugar syrup
  • 30 ml Orange juice
  • Lime juice of 1 lime
  • Ice cubes
  • Garnish: Orange zest


Recipe for the Orange Daiquiri

  1. Pre-chill your martini glass with ice cubes. Re-use the ice cubes in your shaker.
  2. Pour all the liquors and juice in the shaker.
  3. Shake well until you get a frost layer on your shaker.
  4. Pour the cocktail without the ice into your martini glasses.
  5. You can light the orange peel for an extra fragrance experience and attach it to the edge of the glasses.
  6. Cheers!


Twist of flavour for the Orange Daiquiri

Do you want to give this cocktail a wintery touch? Then add some Cinnamon Liqueur and/or fresh cinnamon and decorate with a cinnamon stick.