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Crème Brûlée Martini

Indulge in the creamy taste of a classic French dessert with a delicious twist in the form of a Crème Brûlée Martini. This elegant cocktail combines the rich and velvety flavours of vanilla and caramel with the smoothness of vodka and cream.

Read on to learn how to make this fancy cocktail with our Oud Amsterdam Vanilla Liqueur, Oud Amsterdam Butterscotch Liqueur and Oud Amsterdam Orange Liqueur.

Ingredients for 2 servings


Recipe for the Crème Brûlée Martini

  1. Put a little orange juice or orange liqueur on a plate and dip the rim of the glass in it and then dip it in a little bit of cane sugar so that it nicely covers the rim of your glass.
  2. Fill your cocktail shaker with ice cubes.
  3. Pour all the liqueur, whipped cream and eggnog into the shaker.
  4. Shake well and pour into your martini glasses.
  5. Garnish with orange zest.
  6. For a wonderful scent, you can light the orange peel before you put it on the glasses.
  7. Cheers!